The money that we generate by selling our clutter is used to help the people who are a part of our daily life. [Domestic help, driver, watchman, the person who cleans our neighbourhood, our kids school bus driver, the vegetable vendor, ironing man, milk vendor, paperboy etc. - the list is long!!] Many of them will be struggling to meet their daily expenses. Struggle to pay the school fees for their kids, buy uniforms, buy school books etc. On top of it if kids fall ill, it becomes a very difficult task for them. If they have their old parents living with them, taking care of their medical needs is a big struggle.


If we can do our little bit to reduce their burden with the money that we generate by selling our clutter, it wll make a big difference in their life. So, in our little ways we do our best to help the humans who do their best to make our life easy every day...

An initiative by Nava Group

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Sneh, Rajiv Nagar, Puthiyara P.O., Calicut.