Waste Management

Many of us does not think much about the trash we throw away.  Let us understand that our old stuff becomes new for someone!

Zero Waste Management is a theory that has multiple definitions. The basic principle is that nothing should be thrown into landfills– that everything is somehow reused or repurposed. Achieving a 100% diversion from landfills is not an easy task as Municipal Solid Waste Management techniques varies from city to city. Hence, there’s no better place to take some practical steps towards zero waste than in your own home.

What we do

  • We monitor how much trash we are generating and sending it to the landfill.

  • We segregate our waste - basically we keep wet and dry waste separate

  • Recyclable Materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, glass, metals, iron etc. are sold to ragpickers/kabadiwalas, mainly to www.kuppathotti.com

  • Food Waste, Grass clippings, Wood, Leaf Droppings etc. are composted in compost pits mainly using earthworms.

  • Non Recyclable Items like Plastic bags/covers/wrappers etc. which can shutdown an entire recycling plant is used to make Ecobricks [ www.ecobricks.org ] and we then use the bricks as garden edgings.

  • Electronic Waste is sold to e-waste agents.

  • Old car tyres was reused and made as a bench for morning/evening walkers to sit and relax.

  • Old Clothes/Toys/Books/Kids Stuff is disposed off in two ways - 1. Sale - as Second hand consumption is widely becoming popular as a Lifestyle Choice around the world and 2. Charity - We Donate the old stuff to organisations who either reuse it or recycle it for better use.

  • The money that we Generate by selling the old stuff is reused again for Charity purposes

An initiative by Nava Group

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