Lets take an easy Step to Promote Good Health and Happiness

Environment is changing under the influence of human activities. Humankind has deliberately changed the surrounding environment to serve both immediate and long-term needs. Gone are the days where most houses had a kitchen garden with a vegetable patch and a few fruit bearing trees. Most houses had at least a cow and a few hens to cater to dairy and poultry. As we started moving out of villages to set up life in large cities, we started living in apartments or houses that had little or no space for gardening/farming. 


Growing your own food garden is one easy way to live more sustainably and tread lighter on the planet.


There's no better way to eat local, sustainable foods than by growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and beans—either in your own backyard, balcony or your terrace garden. Just like cooking from scratch at home, maintaining a fruitful, sustainable home garden provides a sense of empowerment because you're in complete control of what you'll consume. Not only do you know exactly where your food comes from, but you also control how it's grown (100 percent organic, without pesticides, for example).

Initiating your own sustainable home garden doesn't have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming, starting small is the key to success. 

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