Clean Neighbourhoods

To live in a cleaner and nicer world we need to begin our efforts locally. Once we are able to keep our own home and surroundings neat and tidy, we set an example for others to emulate. Then we can go that extra mile by beautifying our colony with friends and neighbours.


In 1993, when we moved into our new home in Calicut, we did not have any trees in our colony. Dad used to get trees from Forest office in Meenchanda and we started planting them throughout the colony. An organized effort and some good follow-up work from residents resulted in a green cover for our colony. Recently we lost a lot of trees due to widening of road, but we are doing our best to replace them soon for the future generation. 

We then did our best to plant or protect as many trees/plants possible in every neighbourhood that we stayed. 


This will be our contribution to a Nirmal/Swach Bharath for everyone to live in.


Help clean up your home and neighbourhood, and keep it that way.

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