Stop Using Harmful Fertilisers

"Green Spot" is a new generation of Liquid fertilizer containing highly effective nutrition which can significantly increase yields of many cash crops and enhance the resistant ability of plants to adverse factors. This product will greatly contribute to the agriculture because it is safe to the environment and highly economical.

1. Enhance plant vigor, improve quality of crop products, and increase yield 
2. Enhancing the ability of water absorption, maintain resistance to drought and cold. 
3. Enhancing the resistance to pests and diseases and stresses.
4. Effective soil amendment improving the development of roots


  • GREEN SPOT contains macro nutrients and trace elements essential to plant nutrition.

  • Only a small dosage is required. Thus it is cost effective.

  • Green Spot is compatible with common insecticides and fungicides.


Foliar fertilizers can be taken up directly through the leaves and other plants beside the roots. Foliar Fertilization should only be used to supplement normal soil fertilization for most horticultural and plantation crops.

Green Spot foliar fertilizer should be particularly beneficial under the following conditions:

- It is most effective when applied early in the mornings or later evenings when evaporation rates are lowest.
- Nurseries before the roots are well established and there are high risk of root scorch from solid fertilizer applications.
- At establishment state in the field before the damaged roots of the transplanted plants are fully functional again.
- Severely nutrient deficient plants or plants debilitated by pests and disease requiring quick correction.
- Plants subjected to adverse soil conditions which impair nutrients uptake including prolonged periods of dry weather/water logging.
- Plants requiring regular application of nutrients due to adverse soil conditions or low soil supply.
- Plants subject to sudden very high nutrients demand e.g. of peak fruiting periods of fruits crops over short period of time.