Our Journey started during Chennai floods of 2015, with setting up a page on facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/aptrelieftamilnadu/ ] to ensure effective response and targeted distribution of relief material, matching with the needs of the affected people.. 


Having an IT background helped us in harnessing technology effectively, and played a pivotal role in garnering support from all sections of society. The timely outpouring of humanitarian assistance and selfless service saved human lives, protected the vulnerable groups and helped in quick response to the needy. 

The success of this model encouraged us to stay focussed on helping the Mother Earth and Humanity and retaining the delicate link between the two, thus making it favourable for us and the generations to come.

Our main emphasis is on projects related to Earth, Air, Water and Humanity. GoSri DaYa is just a beginning....

An initiative by Nava Group

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+91 94954 79088

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Sneh, Rajiv Nagar, Puthiyara P.O., Calicut.